About the Project

Tea with Teachers is a collaborative student-driven project where we conduct casual interviews of MIT faculty members over tea and cookies. By asking questions to unveil the professors' personalities, we aim to make students feel more comfortable approaching professors they might have otherwise been too timid to approach. The goal is to help students overcome communication barriers that may inhibit them from engaging in groundbreaking research.

"As we think about how we progress towards a more cohesive MIT community, Tea with Teachers is both an opportunity for faculty to engage in student activities and for students to learn more about faculty."

-MIT Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

The Team

The Tea with Teachers project is made possible by an extremely talented and enthusiastic team!

Talia Khan

Loves asking questions.

Nicholas Curtis

Loves cameras.

Melissa Cao

Loves planning & administration.

Tchelet Segev

Loves soliciting funds.

Adam Katz

Loves social media.

Chelsea Ajunwa

Loves the community & outreach.

Maya Berlinger

Loves marketing.

Sina Booeshaghi

Loves mentoring.

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Every semester we interview MIT faculty members and post their videos to our YouTube page.

Tea with Pablo Jarillo Herrero

Pablo Jarillo Herrero, a physics professor at MIT. Hear him talk about being Head of House for Next House, spending time with his family, and meeting the Queen of Spain!

Tea with Teachers Season 2

Exciting news: Season 2 of Tea with Teachers is launching November 21st at 10 PM! If you want to stay in the loop for all things TwT, then make sure to subscribe and click the 🔔 icon.

Tea with Ian Waitz

This week we have tea with MIT Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz! Hear him talk about his fraternity experience, his guilty pleasures, and the best prank pulled on him!

Tea with John Lienhard

This week we interview John Lienhard, a professor in Mechanical Engineering. Hear about his favorite footwear, his interest in yoga, and his humorous encounter with MIT President Rafael Reif!

Tea with Wesley Harris

Today we have tea with Wes Harris! Hear about his experience meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, his time as one of very few black students at UVA, and his advice to college students.

Tea with Richard Schrock

Today we have tea with Richard Schrock, a Nobel laureate and chemistry professor. Professor Schrock loves woodworking, music, and dancing! Come here his advice for MIT students!

Tea with Alexander Slocum

Today we chat with Alexander Slocum, a professor in Mechanical Engineering! Hear him talk about his unique fashion, experience working at the White House, and his favorite smartphone apps.

Tea with the Team

A special thank you from some of the Tea with Teachers Team to you! Join us again next semester where we interview the new Vice Chancellor of Engineering and other amazing professors!

Tea with Cynthia Barnhart

Cynthia Barnhart is the Chancellor of MIT and a Professor of Civil Engineering. Hear her talk about her favorite foods, opinions on fashion, and her experiences with the President's executive order on travel!

Tea with Admir Masic

Admir Masic, former Bosnian Refugee, is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. Get to know Admir’s story: his love life, his early years and advice he has for current students.

Tea with Evelyn Wang

Evelyn Wang is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a former MIT Burton 3rd Bomber. Hear her talk about her time as an undergrad, her reasons for grad school, and advice for current students.

Tea with Robert Langer

Robert (Bob) Langer is one of the most cited engineers in history! Watch him perform a magic card trick, explain his biggest challenge in undergrad, and tell his advice for current students.

The Tea with Teachers Project

Welcome to the Tea with Teachers project! Our goal is to expose students to the personal side of MIT professors so that students feel more comfortable approaching them for research projects. Episodes air every Tuesday at 10p!

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